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Rodrigo Isaias Calix
Rodrigo Isaias Calix

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My First YouTube Short - Detecting data types in JS is hard!

Recently I'd been promoting a small project of mine called TypeLib JS. I also decided that I want to create video content... so I thought this was a good starting point.

I'm sharing this with you, if you can provide me any feedback that would help me to improve I would appreciate that.

Without furthermore, here is the video

The project page:

I will be posting educative videos about front-end (mostly) design and I will share freebies too. If you don't want to miss that out you can help me: liking, sharing and subscribing!

Big shout out to sensa for providing a ton of emojis for free: sensa emoji

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Looks like a fantastic tool to guard against changing data in APIs. For someone who wants to stick to using JS for the flexibility but wants the type guarantees, this seems like a wonderful library. Thanks for sharing! ^^

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Rodrigo Isaias Calix • Edited

Hey, thanks!

Yeah, that is one of the main purposes of the library, actually one of the main features is that it can make debugging easier. For example:

import {typeErrorIf} from "typelib-js";

function generateFile(file){
    typeErrorIf(file).isNot("blob").throwIt(); //alternatively you can catchIt() and store it in a variable
    console.log("File type is valid");

/* This would generate a TypeError because the function is
expecting a blob, not a string*/
generateFile("My file content");
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*You can test this if you go the page project, open your browser console and paste this code snippet (except for the import statement). You can also try to pass a blob to test it (new Blob(["My file content"])).

I think on Thursday I'll publish a post giving further details about this feature. Thanks for your feedback! 😉

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Very cool, ran it through the console, throws the error, then I can handle it any way I want. Definitely let me know when the post is available!

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Rodrigo Isaias Calix

Thanks! I just published it! link to the post