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Neumorphism Website + Github Api (Part 5)

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My amazing neumorphism html & css website using Github API hosted with github

Neumorphism Website + Github API

This project showcases my GitHub repositories and allows you to explore the projects I've been working on. It uses the GitHub API to fetch the project data and displays it in a user-friendly format.


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Welcome to my GitHub Projects showcase! This project highlights the repositories I've been working on and provides a visually appealing and user-friendly interface to explore them. It utilizes the GitHub API to fetch the project data and incorporates various design effects to enhance the overall experience.


Fetching GitHub Projects

The getGitHubProjects(username) function leverages the power of the GitHub API to fetch the project data associated with a given username. It retrieves the repositories and their details in a JSON format, allowing…

There hasn't been an article about my awesome Neumorphism website here on DEV.TO for a long time. But it's definitely worth checking out this great Github project (again)!

We - and by that I don't just mean me - namely also LaansDole and MarvinTMavee - have again added many great new functions.

Now when we tap on different projects, they will open in a new tab, providing better performance and a larger reading area. The text is always the content of the file. If this is not available, you cannot type up.

The username prediction is also a great feature that automatically suggests usernames that you could use while entering the username. This makes it even easier to enter your own username. So that this doesn't take up too much space, a username is suggested - you can see the others when you expand the list.

The search under the username prediction is then a great feature to filter the repositories with different words. This is especially helpful if you have multiple repositories.

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