ProjectMan🦸 is here! Add projects to favorites and open them from command line

Saurabh Daware 🌻 on September 05, 2019

So I made an NPM package called ProjectMan. ProjectMan is a project manager CLI which lets you add projects to favorites and open them from wher... [Read Full]
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I use z with zsh-autoauggest to jump to projects...will try this today and pm should list projects instead of having to type open again.


I just checked out zsh-autosuggest, looks cool! and thanks for showing interest in projectman :D


First thought: I would make pm an alias for pm open.


pm will actually list down all commands but there's an 'o' alias for open so you can actually type pm o and it will open projects.


Just wondering: What are you likely to want to do more often? :)

Like in terms of projectman? It actually does make sense to have pm an alias for pm open I would like to have some more opinions on this so maybe we can have a discussion over it.

also I'm sorry I guess I didn't get your question 😅.

I just thought if I use the app regularly, the command I'd probably need the most, would be the open command, while I likely only need to look up the commands a couple of times.

Nice logo btw.!

yeah agree! I'll put this up in the next minor version. Thanks for your suggestion 😊.

and yeah I do graphic designing sometimes, Thanks! 🙈


I will be using this, thanks for sharing it with the world!


thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it ! 🌻🌻


Aw man this is gonna save me so much time writing the path to a project and searching where I left it. cheers for making this.


Great tool. Thank you very much.

Will you support Webstorm in a future release?


You can pm edit and set commandToOpen value to wstorm and it will work even with this version :)


Thank you! there are pretty cool things coming in next version btw! keep an eye on it's github :)


Nice idea! Good job! 💪

It would be nice if, when you open a project, it cd to the folder too maybe with an argument or something like that


So from nodejs I am calling exec('code /path/project') to open project so similar thing will not work for cd as it is executed in the separate shell. So apparently to achieve something that you mentioned I would have to write a shell script and somehow call it from nodejs which would be super hacky way of doing it.

Also, Thank you so much for reading this!


It would indeed be really hacky and hard to be cross-platform


Hi, In v1.2.0 I added the ability to cd to the folders. You can substitute pm getpath command inside cd and it will show you list of projects and you can select and cd to it. Usually it is cd $(pm getpath) or cd $(pm gp) or cd $(pm gp [projectName]) (It won't really cd till the folder when you pm open though)


Cool. I do something similar with eventghost, using doskey and python, I'm excited to dig into this tomorrow thanks


oh cool can you share link of your project? and thank you for showing interest 🌻🌻


Awesome idea! I was always using shell aliases to do that kind of stuff.


Thank you so much 🌻 and yes even I love using cli to do almost everything 😂🕺


This is really cool! I'm having some trouble getting it working on a windows machine though, I'm getting some 'execution policy' security error - anyone else seeing this?


Are you getting that error in pm add or pm edit command?
Can you try uninstalling the package and

npm install -g https://github.com/saurabhdaware/projectman#v1.1.0-rc.1

It's beta version but I changed few things in how I treat settings.json
Would be super helpful if you let me know if this works for you, Thanks!


Great work, started using it, what a great help. Thanks


glad it is helping you, Thank you so much 🌻


Ctrl+r opens up all workspaces for me on VSCode then I can fuzzy find between them.


Yup, I use ctrl + r too! I made this to initially open projects before even opening vscode. So if I want to work on project2 and my last closed project is project1 I won't have to open vscode and see project1 then ctrl + r type project2 and press enter.


are you talking about the .png ? oh its carbon.now.sh
the .gif is my actual terminal which is just basic ubuntu terminal

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