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Saumya Nayak
Saumya Nayak

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As a Programmer or a Person in Tech what are your Thoughts ?

How will it work ?

  • I am planning of building a place/product where imagine someone wants to learn a Tech he/she will get all the best resources available on the internet in one place. For example let's take Typescript. So if someone visits the site he will be shown a bunch of tech languages, frameworks and what not and now he selects Typescript.

  • And now the site shows him/her all the resources available to learn Typescript which actually the other users can Post. And the resources are categorized according to the platforms like- Youtube, Blogs, Online Course Platforms ( Coursera, Udemy, etc ), Social Platforms (Great Twitter, Instagram accounts to follow), Discord Servers and what not.

  • And all these lists of data will be sorted according to the user reviews or likes so that a programmer or newbie gets the best resources ever on the internet.

  • We can also send out weekly newsletters for the best resources for the tech to the category the users follow.

  • Obviously the first set of content will be curated by me, but to encourage quality submissions there will be a invite points for users calculated based upon the metrics of their post.

  • And as you can probably imagine it can be scalable to anything and awesome feature additions too.

A Rough Vision

  • It will be the goto source for every valid resource to learn something currently present on the Internet. It will solve the age old question of How to and Where to learn which millions of developers ask when starting out their journey ?

  • I love Naval Ravikant and as he says Code and Content have been and will create wealth in future. And with this my vision is to lessen the friction needed to learn to code by connecting curiosity with the awesome Creators.

  • I would love to know your thoughts on this. Thanks for your time ! ๐Ÿงก

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erica (she/her)

I think this has potential! Plotting out a roadmap tends to be the most intimidating part of learning new tech.

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Saumya Nayak

Thanks Erica for the feedback !