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I Curated 1000s of APIs For Your Next Project !

Hi, fellow Programmers, I understand the pain of searching APIs for a project that you have an idea of. Wandering around the internet and not finding it sometimes.

So I went around the internet and curated 10 Sites that have the most massive listing of APIs. And you can use these APIs for free on any project idea that you have!

Waaait..if you are a video person I've got you covered πŸ‘:

So without further ado, here they are πŸ‘‡:

1. public-api Github Repo :

If you have ever searched for API Listings you must have come across this github repository. As it has a massive collection of 915 APIs in one place. And has around 154,000 Github Stars ! 🀯

Go to public-api.


2. Rapid API :

This is a really helpful product based on just APIs. It's not just a listing of APIs but also a marketplace for APIs. If you have built an API and want to charge people for using it, you can just put it on RapidAPI.

And if you just want to use APIs, you can even test an API on multiple languages, in the API playground that RapidAPI provides! πŸ‘Œ It is really helpful.

Go to the Free API listing of RapidAPI.

Free API listing of RapidAPI

3. Dev Resources :

This is not just an API resource but as pretty explanatory from its name - It has super awesome resources from various categories for a Developer! πŸ˜€

Go to Dev Resources - Public API.

Dev Resources

4. API House :

SuperClean UI. Choose the API category and get awesome APIs.

Go to API House .

API House

5. Public APIs:

According to Public Apis, they have a collection of 800+ interesting and useful Public APIs under 70+ categories.

Go to Public apis.

Public apis

6. Public Apis:

This is a super awesome place. Good UI. You can submit and list your own APIs. You can learn a lot about APIs from it "Learn" section. You can search APIs. Filter them according to free of premium & also the category!

Has a great newsletter too with 45,000 users as said in the site.

Go to Public APIs.

Public Apis

7. API List:

This is a cool place with very well categorized APIs.

Go to API List.

API List

8. AnyApi:

Go to Any API .


9. Free APIs :

Go to Free APIs .

Free APIs

10. Public API:

A ton of fun APIs in here too!

Go to Public API .

Free APIs

I hope it helps you make more awesome projects, get more confident and be a better Engineer!

Hi, I'm Saumya. I keep documenting my journey on Youtube and also active on Twitter. πŸ™Œ

Would love to connect with you & I'll see you in the next one! πŸ˜‰

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