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Getting started with iOS: Cocoapods Integration

Hey everyone!

We are excited to present you Thracecode- friends of ours who use Parse and SashiDo :)

Below you will find the video that Sami, their Co-Founder, and Lead Developer made about iOS integration with cocoapods.

In the video, Sami will show you how to integrate Parse SDK using Cocoapods and how to create your first table on Sashido with Swift 3.

Sami loves playing drums and is a vivid traveler.

Thracecode is a full-service mobile app and development company based in New York and Sofia. They turn costumers' ideas into wireframes, designs, and prototypes.

Their main focus is building native IOS and Android apps and deploying them to the App Store.

So without further ado, here is the video.

If you are interested in making such videos as well, contact us at for more information :)

SashiDo.Io Team

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