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theme: dark lemon
font: cascadia mono

  • few adjustment



I'm going to try out the right side bar after seeing this.


Always used on the right. On the left is unnatural: when you open/close the explorer, your code shift to the right.

I'm using an ultra-wide monitor, so I use the left side-bar to move the code closer to the center of the screen.
On a laptop-like screen I would probably move the side-bar to the right too. :-)


I have been using it since the very start, let me know how you like it :)


Followed Caleb Porzio 'make vscode awesome'.
Theme Github Dark
Font JetBrains Mono



JetBrains Mono is the best. I had Fira Code for a while, but JB Mono is amazingly done.


Like that right sidebar setup. 😍


Cool i may try to set my sidebar to the right too... it seem very interesting.


ide: Atom
font: Fira Code
theme: Crucial Human (custom made by my team)



I like how you leave 1 blank line between lines in the same block, and 2 lines between blocks. It makes your code look so clean. I might experiment a bit with this, too :)


Thanks! We used to double-space and and single space, but we realized it would be better to just increase the line height to achieve the desired spacing. Our line heights are set to 2 in Atom.


How do you deal with code formatters that change the way your code is formatted?


Currently available on Atom at the moment but will plan to make one for Code. We'll work on publishing it for public use!


Which one?
I use VS Code for web dev, csvs, db queries, and other lighter files. I have the Monokai Pro theme up atm.
VS Code

I use Intellij IDEA for Scala, Java, and some web dev.
Intellij IDEA

A core part of the product, Cycle, I work on is essentially a code editor.



ed(1) is the standard editor. If I wanted to spend my time comparing colour schemes I'd have trained as an interior designer.


Here's mine:
VSCodium - Theme Synthwave '84 with Neon Dream activated.

Terminal is Konsole (default terminal on Kubuntu) with blurry background :)



Beautiful theme, I've used it myself in the past but moved away a while ago, because the glowing text gets annoying when you stare at it for several hours/day. :D


I think the light effect is fascinating, and I'm not getting tired of it yet :)


Oh my, this is Kubuntu? It's so beautiful. Are there any kind of customizations that you have done to the OS ?


Barely. I activated the blurry effect on the terminal (see better screenshot and tutorial), and added some shortcuts/widgets on the taskbar :)


I haven't change in a while now.

Editor: Neovim
Theme: rubber-enhanced (part of my own minimalistic themes)

some javascript code


Editor : NeoVim + SpaceVim
Theme : dracula

vim screenshot


screenshot of vs code
Default theme.


  • indent-rainbow
  • Trailing Spaces (Highlight trailing spaces and delete them in a flash!)
  • Project Manager
  • Live server
  • Live SASS compiler
  • Remote WSL + Remote SSH

Theme: Popping and Locking
Font: Fira Code
Icons: Material Icons


hey, those vertical colors for indent are because of the theme or some plug in?




I'm using a custom colorscheme.


Did u really build this color scheme. I'm almost falling asleep just looking @ it


Yep. And here's all it took:

color-link comment "#bbbbbb"
color-link statement "yellow"
color-link type "cyan"
color-link identifier "bold blue"
color-link special "bold yellow"

color-link symbol "orange"
color-link constant "green"
color-link constant.specialChar "magenta"

color-link error ",red"
color-link todo "black,yellow"
color-link preproc "brightred"

color-link current-line-number ",blue"
color-link color-column "#7f7f7f"

OK. But i think the green is way too glaring try 'orchid' or 'turquiose' ✌️


Recently tried to switch to vim (neovim in particular) again and it's sticking this time!
Been loving the gruvbox theme.
Font is JetBrains Mono


I'm a fan of Teenage Engineering's industrial design and music intruments, so I created a pair of Sublime Text color schemes that I use on a daily basis.

Teenage Color Scheme


I absolutely love Teenage Engineering too !


Have to ask, does anyone else switch their theme like, way too frequently? πŸ˜‚


I switch my theme almost every week its just my nature πŸ‘Œ



I have my setup for so long, that if you make me work with a default setup or some other editor, I will have withdrawal symptoms. ;-)


Theme: Nord
Font: JetBrains Mono
Editor: Vim


I'm a Mono+Nord user too! Just on vscode.


Oh yeah! I've been rocking this exact setup, before I switched to Vim.


Hi, Off topic question: How to you add icons before your commit title in Github ? Do you have list of icons to copy and paste ?


I use mac’s default icons.


Theme: Material Theme Ocean High Contrast
Icon Theme: Material Icon

Alt text of image


I use vscode and the default theme. It's pretty good as is. Appearance-wise, I only use the material icon pack, which is very awesome in my opinion (vscode should take it and integrate it as installed on default, that's how good it is).


Editor: VSCode
Theme: Fresh Dark (Darker Contrast version)

screenshot of Visual Studio Code

I like to keep it quite simple, VSCode keybindings are so good that I don't need to keep everything on sight anymore.


theme: Material Theme Palenight High Contrast
font: Operator Mono Book
Some personnal adjustments



I see that I'm really going against the grain using IntelliJ!
IDE Preview

Nord Theme with Hack Nerd Font Mono.


😁 but it looks cool though


Theme: Material Theme
Icon: Material Icon



Emacs/Spacemacs, pretty standard setup from develop branch
Doom-Nord theme

  • Editor: Android Studio
  • Theme: Roboticket Light
  • Font: DejaVu Sans
  • Editor Theme: Gray
  • Font: DejaVu Sans Mono
  • OS: Deepin 15.11



Editor: VSCode, with VIM keybindings
Theme: New Moon
Icon Theme: Material Icon
Font is Cascadia Code


Vscode and phpstorm, my two main choices.
Vscode: A touch of lilac with Inconsolata.
Phpstorm: Material palenight with Inconsolata.


I've been changing themes frequently.
Current setup:

Editor: VSCode
Theme: Monokai Pro (Spectrum)



Still getting the hang of Vim but the more I use it, the more I like it. I don't have anything on the go right now, so I screenshot my .vimrc.

Right now I use it for a bit of learning C and text files, mostly just notes.

Editor: Vim
Theme: monokai


theme: Andromeda Colorizer
font: JetBrains Mono


A preview of the next iteration of Tender.vim, it will be released very soon
Tender blue


Base vim, no plug-ins, no themes. Nothing. Just vim and a good portion of stubbornness and masochistic scripts, since the proxy admins are pretty hardcore and deny everything πŸ˜…


theme: Monokai Pro (Octagon)
editor: VSCode
Terminal: iTerm2



VS Code Theme

Theme: Just Black
Font: JetBrains Mono


Editor: VSCode
Theme: GitHub Dark
Font: Dank Mono


Jetbrains with dracula. I'm a classy haha


Editor : Vscodium (Vscode)

Theme : Just Black



Theme: One Dark Pro
Font: FiraCode

In my opinion this is the best theme for VSCode


I installed dark pro theme but later edited it to make it pinker 😁

vs code theme