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What is GetAsync() In HttpClient ?

GetAsync is a method in the HttpClient class that sends an HTTP GET request to the specified URL and retrieves the response asynchronously. It is part of the System.Net.Http namespace in .NET.

The GetAsync method is commonly used for making HTTP GET requests to retrieve data from a specified resource or API endpoint. It takes the URL as a parameter and returns an HttpResponseMessage object representing the response from the server.

Here's the basic syntax of the GetAsync method:

public Task<HttpResponseMessage> GetAsync(string requestUri);
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  • requestUri: The URL or URI of the resource to which the GET request is sent.

Return Value:

  • A Task<HttpResponseMessage> representing the asynchronous operation. The response message contains information such as the status code, headers, and content returned by the server.

When calling the GetAsync method, you typically await the response to ensure the asynchronous operation completes before continuing. For example:

var response = await httpClient.GetAsync(requestUri);
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In the context of the code provided, the GetAsync method is used to send an HTTP GET request to the PayPal API endpoint to retrieve a specific setup token based on its ID. The response from the server is then processed and deserialized into a SetupToken object.

Please note that error handling and additional logic can be added based on the specific requirements of your application.

Remember to include the necessary using directives at the top of your code file:

using System.Net.Http;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
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