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Javascript! Here I come

Saral Karki
Learning to code, and coding to learn I have a sorta definite plan as to what I want to do, but I am also figuring things out as I go along.
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I am scared of javascript. There you go I said it. For some reason, I have been scared of JS and have been completely avoiding it. But, as we are all aware 'Javascript is everywhere", and if I wanted to become a developer, I would need to at some point in time face that fear and learn it.

Now, was the time to learn it, to devote time my time and really learn javascript. After scouring through various posts on JS, I decided to first try my hands on vanilla JS. No frameworks, for now, I want to really learn pure JS and no matter how tough it gets, I am going to do this.

For this week, I concentrated on this app

The code at []

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Abraham Brookes • Edited

Nice 1 m8! Don't forget to use the MDN javascript reference. It's goooooold

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Saral Karki Author • Edited

Thank you! Will definitely look into MDN javascript resources. Looks like a great place to delve into JS.