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What Does PPC Have to Do with Website Design?

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A lot actually. If you’re getting yourself into a PPC campaign, then you must know that the key to its success is a well-designed and user-friendly website. If you’re already on board with PPC way of social marketing then chances are, you already know what the deal is about but if you’re someone who’s looking to invest in it then you should know a bit about what PPC is and how it works to generate traffic and visibility on the web. PPC stands for Pay per Click, the basic idea here is to get as many people to click on the ads on a website as possible. Now you can see how a user-friendly website directly impacts the performance of your PPC campaign. If a website is not engaging or interesting enough then no one would actually stick long enough to click on any ads. Here are all the ways a good website design impacts PPC:

Responsive Web Design

The responsiveness of a website is the number one quality that makes a web design good and efficient. We live in a mobile world, a site that is viewed on a PC or a laptop should be equally compatible when viewed on a mobile phone or a tablet. The font size and images on the webpage should adjust to a compatible size of the device. The responsiveness of a website dramatically increases the success rate of your PPC campaign as more people will be willing to visit and stay on your page. Just like one shoe can’t fit all just like that, one design can’t fit all screens. Fixed website designs will cause problems being viewed on other devices, ask the best website design company near you to use fluid grids to increase the responsiveness of your website.

Loading Speed

Faster loading speed prominently decreases bounce time as it is evident from common internet user behavior that a visitor is likely to quit the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Even if your site is amazing but it has a slower loading time, then it won’t be of much use. Gaining visitors is only half of the victory, making your website user-friendly is what unlocks its true potential and brings in twice the revenue. Slow websites rank lower on search engines and visitors are also likely to quit buying from such sites. This will definitely impact your sales rate and return on investment. Due to the increased use of smartphones, make sure that your website loads fast not only on PCs or laptops with strong internet connections but also on mobile phones with data connections. Image optimization, content prioritizing and browser caching are some of the ways that can help increase load speed on mobile phones. With a decent loading speed, more people will visit frequently which will eventually convert these visitors into buyers.


Relevant content is another characteristic of a benefitting website. Make sure you provide clear and direct information on what your visitors are looking for. Adding relevant links within your content or webpage will increase the rate of visitors clicking the ads rather than just going over them. Whether you’re providing PPC service for a third party or using it for your business, content relevance will not only increase the chances of getting clicks but it will also increase activity time on your advertising pages. If a user sees something relevant to their interests, then they will generally stay a little longer and this will give you time to convert those casual visitors into potential customers.


An easy to navigate webpage will not only intrigue interest but the proper and organized layout will also provoke a sense of aesthetics in your visitors. Your webpage should be inviting and easy on the eyes. A well-designed site sparks trust in first time visitors; it is like an equivalent of meeting someone for the first time. When a site is poorly designed with a rushed and lazy layout, it is understandable how it can draw away the visitors instead of making them feel welcomed. Your PPC efforts will seriously be wasted if the site is not organized and attractive. A way to check the attractiveness of your site is to go for A/B testing. A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage to determine which one works better. The changes between two versions can be as subtle as color variations, different call to action or size variations. A/B testing can show you how these little changes cause big effects and shift the entire click rate of a webpage.
Most importantly, if you want the success of your PPC campaign then get the best website design company near you to do the job.


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