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7 Tips for Effective Ecommerce Web Design That Drive Sales

sarahalfred profile image Sarah Alfred ・4 min read

Suffice to say that effective e-commerce web design is crucial for bringing more sales for a website. From a recent statistic, it is revealed that web design plays a key part in converting website visitors into customers. Ideally, the design of your website should make or break the purchase process.

No matter you are developing a website for the first time or you want to update your existing site, you will need to learn tips for increasing the engagement of valuable customers on your website.

Follow are the most effective e-commerce web design tips that you could implement to start seeing more conversions in no time.

1. Keep The User in Mind

When it comes to designing a website it is crucial to keep eye on every single component of your website from images to order forms. This is because all components of your website could potentially contribute to influencing users to purchase your offered products and services. When you keep the user in mind, you will truly make an effective e-commerce web design by professional ecommerce web design agency.
By doing this you will easily enhance user experience that helps to turn website visitors into customers for more sales. If not, you will miss a great option to offer easy navigational, visual appeal, and to enhance the overall experience of visitors.

2. Make It Simple

You might hear a famous statement, “simple is the best”. Ensure to develop a simple website that can visually appeal more in the eyes of your websites visitors. If you want to drive more sales from your e-commerce web design, then you should simplify it. For this, you will require to remove unnecessary content such as text, pictures, banners, and buttons.
By developing a webpage with an incredibly simple design you can easily turn your web visitors into customers to drive more sales.

3. Use a CTA Button

There is nothing important in your web design than a clearly defined call to action button. An exclusive design call to action button gives off a professional feeling. If you want to turn your website visitors into conversion, then you must design a proper call to action button.
You might have noticed that most e-commerce sites have a little shopping cart icon on the top of their webpage. This is also a great idea for lead generation that helps users to easily add items to their cart for order placement. Thus ensure to implement this vital e-commerce web design strategy to drive more sales effortlessly.

4. Be Honest About Discount

Normally every e-commerce website offers seasonal and signup discounts to online shoppers. When offering a discount to your e-commerce website visitors, do remember to always use accurate products and discount percentage. If you are offering a discount on the entire stock, then you must include it. Do not try to hide the discount information as it will confuse your website visitors.
Moreover, it clearly showcases the shipping charges as customers normally need to learn about it. Studies show that usually web visitors fail to be a conversion due to hidden shipping charges.

5. Upload HD Images

This is the most crucial element for online shoppers that helps to purchase their desired products. If they cannot see a product clearly they won’t buy it from your e-commerce store. While creating your e-commerce web design ensure to use high-defined product images to maximize the conversion rate. Try to offer them a zoom feature on every image to help visitors examine the product thoroughly.
In case you upload a blurred image you can turn customers away from your e-commerce website. So, consider uploading HD images for every product to quickly grab the attention span of your site visitors.

6. Add Reviews & Testimonials

No one can deny the importance of reviews and testimonials sections on a website. Make sure to design an effective section in your e-commerce web design. One best idea is to add product-specific reviews on every page of your site to maximize the experience of website visitors.
According to a recent survey-based statistic, more than 59% of online shoppers read reviews before purchasing any product. You can also take advantage of lead generation by adding reviews and testimonials section in your website design. In this way, the customer will quickly order their required product on your e-commerce site.

7. Include Search Bar

Every online shopper would likely look for a specific product that is already in their mind. By designing a clear search bar on the top of your web pages you can help customers to find their specific product quickly. In case a user fails to find their required product on your site, they are more likely to move to your competition.
That’s why you need to design a search bar on the top of your website page to make the conversion process easy and quick.

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Hi, this article is awesome, I agree with every point from the article. But still I want to add - in the article under item 6, discuss ways to simplify registration and ordering.
I think this is an important point for the convenience of the user on the site.

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