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Minio Server Deployment

Steps to Deploy your minio server:

1> wget -O minio.rpm
sudo dnf install minio.rpm

2>mkdir ~/minio
minio server ~/minio --console-address :9090

3>Following output will be displayed:

RootUser: minioadmin
RootPass: minioadmin

RootUser: minioadmin
RootPass: minioadmin

   $ mc alias set myminio minioadmin minioadmin


WARNING: Detected default credentials 'minioadmin:minioadmin', we recommend that you change these values with 'MINIO_ROOT_USER' and 'MINIO_ROOT_PASSWORD' environment variables.
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4> Open in a web browser to access the MinIO Console.

Image description
5> Install the MinIO Client
chmod +x mc
sudo mv mc /usr/local/bin/mc

mc alias set local minioadmin minioadmin
mc admin info local

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