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Logitech, in general, have a good selection of products. I use the MX Master 2s which is superb (although a bit pricey).

I can recommend the MX Anywhere if you are the person that don't have a fix place


That's a good choice! I had my eye on the Master 2s as well. How are the ergonomics? Is it comfortable with continuous use?


i think i'ts very confortable. you will need to test for your test


I use a vertical mouse by Perixx model PERIMICE-713N and it's been pretty nice, I used to have horrible wrist pain and now I don't, so I recommend it! It has different dpis for the cursor's uhm fastness?, I normally keep it in the 2nd option. It's not worn down easily too.

I'm quite happy with her. :3


That's quite interesting! I haven't really heard of the Perixx brand before. At the end of a long day in front of my pc, I do get wrist pain, so I am looking for a mouse that is both functional as well as ergonomic. Thanks for the suggestion!!


I have a Logitech g703 and it’s perfect. one of the best sensors in the market

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