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Sanjay Chandrsekaren
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Airport Helper - Plugin

This is a submission for the Coze AI Bot Challenge: Trailblazer.

What I Built

This is a comprehensive plugin tailored for aviation professionals and enthusiasts, providing easy access to detailed airport information and preferred routes between specified airports. Whether you're a pilot planning a flight, a dispatcher coordinating routes, weather report or an aviation enthusiast exploring the skies, also offers essential features to streamline your aviation experience.


Plugin Link:

Airport details plugin demo


So, I've always been super into aviation, I love everything about it. So, me and the team decided to create this airport plugin that's like, super detailed. We wanted something that not only gives you all the deets about airports, but also throws in weather reports and even suggests preferred routes between airports.

One big issue we noticed was that a lot of the open source stuff out there gives you details based on these ICAO or FAA codes. But let's be real, most folks don't know what those codes even mean. So, we thought, why not make a tool that lets you search by city name? That way, you just punch in the city and boom, you get all the airports with their ICAO and FAA codes.

Once we had that sorted, it was all about putting those codes to work. We used them to get super intense details about the airports, and even hooked up other services like weather reports. Now, you can plan your flights like a pro, without having to dig through a bunch of confusing codes.

This is a team submission.
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