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5 Steps To Get Your Student/Professional Life Back On Track

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Here is a confession. I am very careful with my choices especially when it comes to the things I want to work on. So when I start doing something, I am full of passion and commitment…in the moment I JUST LOVE what I’m doing and I want to do NOTHING all day and night but stay put on my new found love...however the energy eventually dies out within a few days (if not less) and I find myself back on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, staring away (all my time) at Netflix.

C’mon, lets deal with it. None of us are saints. We find ourselves in a similar no-motivation situation more than just a few times and I say its perfectly normal.
Bottom line is…how do we deal with it? More importantly…how do we NOT QUIT?

First off, shut down everything and take a deep breath before you start following these…

1.Make a list of Pros and Cons

We lose motivation when we lose sight of the vision that we had when we first started.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, “Why should I even continue?”
Well, we already know the answer to the WHYs and WHY NOTs…we have just forgotten them.

So make a list of all the pros of doing this task and the cons of not doing it and stick it up on the wall.

This way, you will stay put.

2. Make A Calendar And Plan

A handmade calendar can do fireworks, if used wisely.
Whip one up and plan out your tasks for the next few days or weeks.

This will give you a goal and a strong will to resume work…because you can physically see on the calendar how easily you can do the job.

(Trust me there is no greater pleasure than crossing off the Things-To-Do with a pencil.)

It will also help you relax, especially when you decide to take a break. You will not go paranoid with the fear of things waiting to get done.

3. Take A Break BUT Know When To End It

Taking a break or two is often considered healthy BUT like everything else, set a time limit.

How do you STOP enjoying a break?

Whatever you do, DO NOT THINK. Just shut down whatever you’re doing and get back to work. Make sure you sit at for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes…once your interest is developed there’s no going back.

4. Start From The Beginning

You MUST finish what you’ve started (even if it was just an experiment). Making peace with the subject is most important. So if you find yourself lost, confused, irritated because you don’t understand or whatever your deal is…just start from the beginning.

Things are easier on that end and will make more sense. Starting for the 2nd time makes you see things from a different perspective.

5. Make A Book Of Mistakes

Yes, this is for real and it TOTALLY works. Writing down your mistakes gives you a chance to solve the problem again and understand better. Keeping a track can be of great help when you are revising or come across problems of the same kind…the number of ways this can help you are endless.

These are some tricks I discovered by trial and error. While I find myself a victim of lack-of-motivation way more often than I would prefer, here are a few things that keep me going.

I hope you found these useful.
If you liked my article, give me a thumbs up. And let me know if there’s room for improvement.

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