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10 Things To Motivate You Out Of Bed.

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Sometimes we feel so sad about our lives that we dread waking up in the morning and sometimes its just laziness. Either way, getting out of bed is one of the hardest tasks of our day. But trust me, I have been in both situations and a little more frequently (than I would like) in this quarantine.

Allow me to share a secret with you, my MOST favorite thing to do in the morning is get out of my bed only to turn off the alarm and fall back to sleep again. I can assure you that I have the capability of waking up 5 times to turn off the alarm and sleep again…the alarms are set in 5 minute intervals. Sometimes things are so bad that I rely on new episodes of a TV show to cheer me to step out of the sheets. Well, as much as we try to stay mentally and physically fit in this lockdown, we keep running out of options sooner or later.

So, I have figured out a few tricks on how to keep yourself going, feeling positive and excited about every other day and not just slashing dates off the calendar, praying God to end 2020 asap.

1. Correct that irregular sleep cycle.
Get at most 9 hrs of sleep everyday and uninterrupted sleep at night. I don’t want to sound like your Dad preaching “sab theek ho jayega, tum jaldi uth ke toh dekho” but here is the catch, if you wake up early, the day tends to look longer and you will feel more productive…which brings me to my next point..

2. Squeeze in a quick workout.
You are no stranger to the benefits of physical exercise so I’ll skip that part. The best way to get the workout done (instead of waiting for motivation to strike) is just wear those gym shoes and get going. DO NOT THINK. Once you are out in the open, sweating it out in the fresh air…you will feel more optimistic about the day.

QUICK HACK: Once it settles in your head that you need to workout the next day AND get all your work done in time, you will start getting up early automatically.

QUICK HACK Pt2: If you have a light workout before going to bed, you will sleep better (coz you’ll be tired).

3. Skip watching TV shows or Movies at least 15 mins before you go to bed.
It is practically impossible for most people these days to skip the late-night Netflix binge but hey, sleeping at the right time is important too. You will feel fresher the next morning. Talking of feeling fresh..

4. Clean your room before going to bed so that you wake up to a NOT_MESSY_AS_MY_LIFE_IS surrounding.

5. Make your bed after waking up, gives you a sense of accomplishment.

6. It's time to use those dusty post-its and make a list of the TOP 3 things to do from your list of a thousand other things.
Do this before you go to sleep, you will have something to look forward to.

7. DO NOT check messages right before and after bed.

8. If you have the habit of checking your phone too often (some people do it throughout the night), I suggest you put it on charge somewhere away from the bed.

9. Tell yourself: Everyday is a new day, there is ALWAYS a possibility of something new.

10. Read a book before sleeping.
It shuts out the world around you, if you sleep with happy thoughts, you wake with happy thoughts.

I still have a hard time following the rules BUT they help me out on my hardest days.

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ruannawrites profile image

Love these, especially working out without thinking 😆 as I find the hardest part to be deciding to do it rather than actually doing it lol. Also love taking the tech break before bed and getting lost in a book! I read before bed every night. 📚 👍🏽

sanjanamops8752 profile image
Sanjana Mohapatra Author

I feel you🥰

ronca85 profile image

I get up only after I spend 4 hours pretending I don't need to go pee

sanjanamops8752 profile image
Sanjana Mohapatra Author