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Time: A sequence of existence

alarmIt is rightly said "Time and Tilde wait for none".
In our lives, time has become so valuable that we equate it with our accomplishments in a variety of areas. Sports, politics, and technology, to mention a few, all have time dimensions that be quantified. From sunset till night, high tide and low tide due to the moon, the four seasons everything is completely time dependent.

For all developers, time management at work is a challenge. Completing deadlines, maintaining a healthy mind and body, eating a decent meal, and spending quality time with loved ones all contribute to a positive and optimistic day.

We have a tendency to do things like showering, eating, etc. on autopilot. Our brains have different capacities for dealing with unexpected problems as they arise, as well as evaluating our own needs in order to progress.
Developers improve by questioning whether each step makes sense and being able to solve most of the challenges presented at them in a reasonable amount of time and with a more or less ideal answer.

Some people are born entertainers, while others are not, but regardless of our circumstances, we all have room for improvement. Me and my teammate Samuel, we were able to prepare a good and insightful presentation on Black Lives Matter community, and Harriet Tubman, a freedom fighter, who escaped slavery and became a conductor on the Underground Railroad, leading others to freedom.

One of the main benefits of GraphQl is the client's ability to request what they need from the server and receive that data exactly and predictably.
Apollo Client allows developers to define, handle, and make queries/mutations available within the application.

To summarize, critical thinking is a skill that makes a good developer the best one, and like any other, we can work on and improve.

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