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100 Bytes Of Wisdom: Day 33

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The thing with finding mentors is you probably shouldn't ask someone formally to be your mentor. From my experience on the other side, it actually sounds really taxing. It sounds like work and it sounds like commitment - something a lot of busy people don't feel like they have time for. But a one-off email or coffee every now and then isn't taxing, if anything it is quite pleasurable. So reach out to them now, on social media, over email, LinkedIn, whatever… just keep it casual and say something like β€œHey there X, I was wondering if we could grab a coffee this week or next. I see you've been doing Y and I'm keen to chat about your experience doing it - as I think I'm in a similar situation now.” Short, to the point and a clear ask. It’s important people know what you want from them and why it can't be anyone else.

Heads up: As with any terse bit of advice, there will be exceptions of course, and subtleties and nuance that can't possibly be captured in a Byte of Wisdom. This has been what I've experienced, I'd love to hear yours in the comments too!

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