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kwik - quickly bootstrap a project

After writing something similar as a tool to quickly grab a repository in dart I decided to create the same thing in rust just to teach myself this language, I knew the basics as I had been dabbling in rust for a while but hadn't actually created anything useful.
The project can be found over at:

As I'm sure you know, these days we work from many different locations and being able to either quickly scaffold a new project from a template repository or get straight to work complete with a copy of (vs)code-server running be it from a docker image, locally or on a server within a minute is something many people will find useful.

I need help to move this project forward and need someone to compile it to osx (and eventually windows) for me as my day job will inevitably take priority but for now this maybe something useful to you.

== EDIT ==
launched on producthunt, help a fellow'er and upvote :)

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Note, any pull requests will be welcome!