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Improve your routine as a Developer

Hi folks,

I have been thinking of starting a series on how to reduce a developer's mundane tasks. These tasks include writing the same old CRUD APIs, testing, applying validations, converting designs of Figmas to code, and so on.

Automation is emerging nowadays, and developers are automating all most everything for people around the world, so why not automate some tasks for themselves as well.

Let’s begin with “Design to Code”.

If you are a Mobile or a front-end Developer, You must have this process flow at your organization that A designer gives you Figma/Sketch/XD/PSD files of the application and then the developer converts it into say React, Flutter, Android, etc. Which takes a few days and even weeks.

Now Imagine…

What If you don't need to code for UI screens and you can directly code for the Data Manipulation (say for API Integration) part of your application?

WAITTT…Stay there and imagine more, What If you can integrate APIs into the screens as well. (There are so many things like this that I will cover in this blog)

Amazing, right!🤩️

Well, it's actually possible. You can do it with a few clicks.

Here’s your Everyday Friend DhiWise who does out-of-the-box things for frontend and Mobile Developers. Dhiwise converts Figma/Sketch/XD designs to UI code.


Features of Dhiwise — Design to Code 🚀️

  1. Component Identification and Updation

  2. API Integration

  3. Authentication

  4. Firestore and Supabase Integrations

  5. Validations on text fields

  6. Navigation and Code Preview

  7. Lifecycle Method setups

  8. Create Actions

  9. Setup App Drawers

  10. Manage Alerts

I will write a detailed Blog on each feature mentioned above. You will surely love it.

So…Stay Tuned and Follow me 😉️

Forget doing repetitive tasks ever again when you can convert your design-to-code with DhiWise — The fastest way to build Enterprise-grade apps. Sign up & build Flutter, iOS, Android, & React apps for free!

Also, I have already written a Blog on Testing Automation. Do check it out.

About Me:

I am a Javascript Developer at DhiWise. It’s a pro-code devtool that generates production-ready code for 6 technologies/frameworks. Check it out if you are a tech-geek 😋️

You can find me on LinkedIn and we can talk about cool devtools like the one I am developing.

Keep coding👩‍💻️, keep automating. Bye. 👋️

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