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TIL: Browsers have their own task managers!!!

Today I found out something amazing

So I opened my discord, as one does when they get on their computer. And there was a prompt saying press Shift + ESC. I couldn't read what it was for, but I decided to give it a shot thinking it must be some newly added feature.

Fortunately, Windows had my browser in focus. And Shift + ESC opened a task manager. Yes a task manager, but it wasn't the ordinary Windows Task manager - it was the browser's own task manager. And for a second I thought what this thing is. And then I looked closely only to find out I was sleeping on this feature.

Am I over-reacting? How many people know about this?

Anyway here are some screenshots.

  • Edge

Edge Task Manager

So I thought if the edge has it, other browsers might also have this feature, and I googled a bit.

  • Firefox has it too!

Just type about:performance in the URL bar, and it takes you to the firefox's task manager.

Alt Text

  • Chrome

Press SHIFT + ESC to access the task manager.

Alt Text

Now, we can see how much extensions affect browser performance. For sure, I am going to use these tools to determine what extensions are worth it.

Hope you enjoyed learning something new! 💖

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