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Open Source internships

This summer me and my friends were looking for internships, I'm sure a lot of people are also in search of a good opportunity.

Working in open source would give you a great understanding of how software is made.

Why you should work on Open Source projects:

  • You get work on production code
  • Learn to work as a team
  • You have a choice, choose your favourite project!
  • Something you could showcase to your future interviewer

Here is the list of open source internships you guys might be interested in

  • *Interns must be currently enrolled or employed at a U.S. university or other research institution and must currently reside in, and be eligible to work in, the United States.
  • ** OSoC is only open to Belgian students.

Open Source Competitions

Name Awards Timeline
Bountiful Open Source Summer- BOSS Prizes For Winners* timeline
FOSSASIA Codeheat Cash Prizes For Winners timeline
Data Driven Competitions Cash Prizes For Winners timeline
Quantopian Open Cash Prizes For Winners N/A
Hacktoberfest Swag Rewards timeline
24 Pull Requests No Prizes Offered timeline
Halite AI Bot Challenge Swag rewards for winners N/A
OSS World Challenge Prizes For Winners timeline
ACM MM Open Source Software Competition Prizes For Winners N/A
Girlscript Summer of Code Prizes, swag rewards and internship opportunities for winners timeline
  • *Indian Students Only
  • ** OSS World Challenge has temporarily stopped accepting international applications.

University SoC/WoC

Name Awards Timeline
OSS Summer of Innovation Swag rewards
NJACK Winter Of Code Swag rewards
Kharagpur Winter Of Code Swag rewards
OpenCode IIITA Swag rewards
MDG Winter of Code No
FOSSEE Summer Fellowship No
Winter of Code by NSEC Swag rewards

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Juan Pablo Flores (he/him)

Congratulations on the great effort you've made to pull together all these opportunities. I would add MLH Fellowship ( to the list 😉.