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New Alexa dev tools by Amazon

Amazon rolling out new features for Alexa

Alexa conversations

It is a new dialogue system built to help engineers and developers create more realistic consumer interactions.

  • Uses deep learning
  • Reduces the amount of backend code
  • Reduces the amount of training needed

Skill Resumption

Skills can now be kept running in the background so the end-user can return to it after using Alexa for some other task.

Deep Neural Networks (DNN)

  • Amazon expects 15% increased accuracy
  • DNNs will improve Alexa's Natural Language Understanding

Web API for Games

This feature makes it easier for game developers to leverage Alexa.
Possible use cases:

  • WebGL
  • JS & CSS
  • Canvas 2D

Quick Links

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Driving traffic from a website / mobile apps to their Alexa skill

Some Alexa projects/guide which might be helpful

GitHub logo alexa / alexa-cookbook

A series of sample code projects to be used for educational purposes during Alexa hackathons and workshops, and as a reference for tutorials and blog posts.

Alexa Skill Building Cookbook

** The Alexa Cookbook has been archived **

The Alexa Cookbook has been broken up into individual recipes to make code samples easier to search, discover, and implement. These samples, along with many others, can now be found at


These folders contain short code samples that show you how to add features to an Alexa skill Let's assume we are a chef, with an idea for a fancy new recipe The recipe will require one or more ingredients to be combined to create the finished product Alexa skills follow the same model. Basic ingredients can be added together to create a robust skill. This Cookbook is a desk reference for other Alexa skill design materials.

Table of Contents

  • feature-demos are demos focused on demonstrating a specific feature
  • guides contains supplemental guides to address specific use cases
  • tools contains utilities and tools which help…

GitHub logo amzn / alexa-skills-kit-js

SDK and example code for building voice-enabled skills for the Amazon Echo.

We Have a New Home!

This Node.js Alexa Skills Kit project has been deprecated. A new Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js, along with updated skill samples, is available in our new home:

If you still need access to the deprecated Node.js Alexa Skills Kit project, please go to deprecated branch.

Quick Links

  • New Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js - The Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js helps you get a skill up and running quickly, letting you focus on skill logic instead of boilerplate code.
  • Fact Skill Example - A great place to start for any first time Alexa skills developer. This tutorial steps you through the process of building an Alexa skill similar to "Fact of the Day".
  • Trivia Skill Example - Another easy tutorial for both developers and non-developers to build a solid trivia skill.
  • How-to Skill Example - This tutorial makes it…

Hope this helped 💖

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