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Google Cloud Game Servers

Google launches Game Servers

Game Servers is a managed service built on Agones. It is an open-source game server scaling project.

Game Servers uses Kubernetes and Agones. It (Agones) is used for game server fleet orchestration and lifecycle management.

Agones allows developers to host, run and scale dedicated game servers on Kubernetes.

Game Servers is now available for production workloads

Game Servers is free until the end of the year, devs will be billed for the underlying use of the Kubernetes clusters*

A brief introduction

Find some examples here

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Dedicated Game Server Hosting and Scaling for Multiplayer Games on Kubernetes

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Agones is a library for hosting, running and scaling dedicated game servers on Kubernetes.

Agones, is derived from the Greek word agōn which roughly translates to “contest”, “competition at games” and “gathering” (source)

Why does this project exist?

Agones replaces usual bespoke or proprietary cluster management and game server scaling solutions with a Kubernetes cluster that includes the Agones custom Kubernetes Controller and matching Custom Resource Definitions for GameServers, Fleets and more.

With Agones, Kubernetes gets native abilities to create, run, manage and scale dedicated game server processes within Kubernetes clusters using standard Kubernetes tooling and APIs. This model also allows any matchmaker to interact directly with Agones via the Kubernetes API to provision a dedicated game server.

For more details on why this project was written, read the announcement blog post.

Major Features

  • Define a single GameServer, and/or large game server Fleets within…

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