Discussion on: We welcome a wonderful influx of new members from Japan

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Nana Sakisaka

The main cause of recent influx from the Japanese community is this post Making dev.to insanely fast being retweeted 1000+ times in Japanese twitter.

Recently, the famous financial newspaper The Nikkei has revised their online website. The news got many reactions, mostly thanks to their usage of state-of-the-art CDN/ServiceWorker technology; the very same infra behind dev.to.

I'm personally glad to see more and more non-backend devs getting interests on website backends and infra system.

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Ben Halpern Author

Ahhh interesting. Much of the initial traffic was not listed as referral in Analytics and I could not find the links when I searched Twitter myself.

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Naoki Hamada

Probably weren't listed as referral because of how short the URL is? I mean I myself came from itmedia.co.jp/news/spv/1711/15/new... but I'm sure people on Twitter woulda just typed out "dev.to" because it's like what, 6 presses on the screen/keyboard.