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About mantine-ui

Ps: This is not a promotional post. Just sharing my opinion.

From past few weeks i am working with mantine in my side projects. I liked it. I had worked with material, antd and semantic earlier. I felt mantine is more useful if you don't want to spend time in developing ui components and utils methods. Unlike other libs mantine will come with

  1. State management utils
  2. Dom utils
  3. Browser/logging utils
  4. Spotlight and
  5. Rich text editor etc...

There are also some drawbacks. Major drawback is lack of community support as it is growing fast i am expecting it will reach wider audience soon. If you are working on side projects or your personal projects or if you want to give a life to your idea quickly then you can definitely try this. Trust me it won't disappoint you.

Thank you!!

Here is a link for mantine-ui

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