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Tatenda Carl Sakarombe
Tatenda Carl Sakarombe

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Settling your priorities back on track...

It feels weird to blog again after a couple of months away from the coding world. Actually, it feels weird being back in the coding world in general. The reason why I say this is because I, unintentionally, got caught up preparing for university that I did not leave too much time in my day to continue coding. Now that I am back, it feels as though I need to revisit the things I had learnt before I can proceed onto learning newer and more advanced things.

My time away has also allowed me to take things in and put things into perspective a little more. As I am more artistically inclined, I have found Three.js to be a fascinating realm of JavaScript as it involves both coding and 3D environments. In school, we have recently gotten to grips with C# and so far I can say that it has a lot of similarities with JavaScript.

Now that I am a student, in a completely foreign country, my ambition and determination to be the best coder I can be has been magnified because nothing is going to be given to me so I need to at least give 101% in order to achieve my short-term goals and ,eventually, the long term ones as well.

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Great that you seem to enjoy coding, may I ask in which country you learn?
I work a lot with both JS and C#. Currently more with JS.

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Tatenda Carl Sakarombe • Edited

Currently in Warsaw.
Yea I also work with JS, mostly because I'm interested in Front-end stuff.