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Need help by moving a Webapp from Azure to NAS

saigkill profile image Sascha Manns ・1 min read

Hello developers,
I created a Website with ASP .NET Core and its source code is placed there:

8 Month have run it in Azure as Webservice. Now i would like to move that Webapp to my NAS. I prepared there a Virtual System based on Windows Server 2019 Essentials and placed the hosting package there, who depends my .NET Core version. With the last commit i tried out, to prepare it for the Usage in my NAS by configuring the Kestrel.

Also i prepared IIS and WebDeploy on the target system. The build and deploy process works as expected. But a http://localhost:5000/ doesn't show any deployment.

Maybe anyone has done such task already and can have a look (maybe via TeamViewer)?

Greetings Sascha


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