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Will Mojo🔥 Replace Python? 🤔

Before diving into the purpose i.e will
Mojo🔥 replace Python🐍 or not, first of all let see what is Mojo.

According to Official Docs
Mojo🔥 is a new programming language for all AI developers.
Developed by former Swift devs
And it's says all.

In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning we all need a scalable and fast programming language and according to Mojo developers,

Mojo is "An innovative and scalable programming model that could target accelerators and other heterogeneous systems that are pervasive in machine learning."
We can further read and try it through its official Modular docs.
Mojo🔥 official

Now come to our question will Python fade away?
Most likely for AI developers it will fade slowly because in Mojo they have many core features of Python including _async/await, error handling, variadics, etc, _but… it is still very early and missing many features - so today it isn’t very compatible. Mojo doesn’t support classes yet!
But in future it may because Python is slow 🦥.

So that's all if you think it will replace totally must share your knowledge below 💯

Thank you

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Ben Halpern


No. Even the worst programming ecosystems don't totally go away, and Python isn't the worst.

However, software is like the least winner-take-all marketplace in existence. I'm not familiar with Mojo, but it can definitely co-exist.

saifullah profile image

True 🙌

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Rain Leander

It's interesting to see the development of new programming languages like Mojo, designed specifically for AI and machine learning applications. While Mojo shows promise and has the potential to become a popular language for AI developers, it's important to consider a few factors before concluding whether it will replace Python or not.

  1. Python's extensive ecosystem: Python has a vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, and many more. This makes it a versatile and powerful language for AI, machine learning, and data science projects. Mojo would need to develop a similarly extensive ecosystem to compete with Python in this area.

  2. Community support: Python has a large and active community that continually contributes to its development and improvement. This support is invaluable for troubleshooting, learning, and sharing knowledge. Mojo would need to build a strong community to match Python's level of support.

  3. Adoption by industry and academia: Python is widely used in both industry and academia for AI and machine learning projects. For Mojo to replace Python, it would need to gain widespread adoption in these sectors, which could take time.

  4. Compatibility and interoperability: Python's compatibility with other languages and platforms is a significant advantage. Mojo would need to ensure compatibility and interoperability to compete with Python effectively.

  5. Language maturity: As you mentioned, Mojo is still in its early stages and lacks many features that Python already offers. It would take time for Mojo to mature and provide a comparable set of features.

While Mojo has the potential to become an essential programming language in the AI and machine learning field, it's unlikely to replace Python entirely in the foreseeable future. Instead, it may coexist with Python and other languages, providing developers with more options and tools for their projects. The development and adoption of Mojo are worth keeping an eye on, but Python's widespread use, extensive ecosystem, and strong community support make it a resilient language in the AI and machine learning domain.

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Sherry Day

Mojo does seem interesting!

saifullah profile image

Yes It is 👀

vincentdorian profile image

Typescript also did not replace JavaScript.

I think, there will probably be a lot of cases where Mojo would be overkill and Python still seems to be the right fit.

saifullah profile image

Yes🙌 Python being Python 💖