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7 CSS Tricks you should know!

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As I am learning Development, I would like to share this 7 CSS tricks that you should know for better results.

If you know this before hit heart below!

So let's begin...

1. Disable a link


~You can disable any link using css and no action will take place while you click on the link.

2. Disable Text Selection


~The property user-select says whether the use can select the element or not.

3. Resize images to fit


~when you get in a pinch where images need to fit a certain width, while scaling proportionally. An easy way to do this is to use max width to handle this.

4. Custom caret color


~The caret-color property sets the color of the insertion carpet, the visible marker where the next character types will be inserted.

5. Disable Text Area resize


~Resize property will resize the textarea, inorder to disable textarea you should give none value.

6. Making image fit


~This object-fit property sets how the content of a replaced element, such as an img or video, should be resized to fit its container.

7. Placeholder's color


~The ::placeholder selector selects fork elements with placeholder text. This will let you style the placeholder text.

Thanks for reading.
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Discussion (7)

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Temani Afif

also remove the JS tag please since your post is not related to JS (you can use #webdev instead)

afif profile image
Temani Afif

small typo in the title know :)

saifullah profile image
SAIFULLAH­čç«­čç│ Author

Thank you

snuppedeluxe profile image

I've searched so long for a good integration for my images. For a me, as a beginner, it's sometimes a bit difficult for searching the right words on google.

alohci profile image
Nicholas Stimpson

Note that your first example does not disable the link, it just makes it unclickable. A user can still follow the link by tabbing it into focus and pressing the enter key.

modulesunraveled profile image
Brian Lewis

I think your images for #3 and #6 are swapped

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