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All about Hactoberfest'23

Are you the one who are newbie to development or a pro in it and wants to contribute in Open Source community?

Don't know how and where to start?

Then my friend this opportunity is for you.

The Hactoberfest 2023 is here first of all what is Hactoberfest?

"This year marks the 10th anniversary of Hacktoberfest, and we’re calling on your support! Whether it’s your first time participating—or your tenth—it’s almost time to hack out four pristine pull/merge requests as we continue our month of support for open source."

Hactoberfest is one of the best Beginner to Advanced level open source contribution program where dev participate in the platform for both Code and Non Code organisation as well as can introduce there own open source project using the tag #Hactoberfest further in there site.

So where to kick off?
No worries, below are the repos where you can find suitable open source platform to contribute.


Little about prizes,
There is digital badges from the partners Digital Ocean, illa, appwrite.

Sadly there is no t-shirt 👕 this year 😞 because community has grown tremendously from few hundreds to millions 💯
However we are here to contribute and learn not for gifts right?😁

Note: You have to merge 4 Pull request in your favourite repos to won the badges.

So that's it start the hacking (Development 💯)

Stick with me press the follow button

I'm going to share my first open source contribution experience and most importantly how to start your first Open Source contribution from scratch in one article.

Register below 👇Registration link for Hactoberfest'23

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