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Konchada Sai Ansul
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Hey Guys,
Welcome back to a new post of SAI ANSUL'S BLOG

In this blog after a long research I have got for you best games🎮 under 5mb which won't affect your phone's storage.

These games are self-tested and selected under various criteria mentioned below:

  • Under 5mb
  • Offline
  • Genre: Adventure, Classic & Educational
  • Around 4⭐ Rating on Playstore
  • Friendly for all users
  • Free for all I have also shared the link of each game. Click on the title and directly download it from Google Play store.

So let's start,

Category 1: Educational

a. Brainilis 🧠


This game comes with rating of 4.1⭐, developed by appilis LLC. It constitutes a great variety of games with 4 categories inside it. This app contains more than 30 embedded games like Math, Logic, Memory, etc. in just 5 mb.

b. OneTouchDraw ✏️


This one comes with rating of 4.3⭐, developed by AlcamSoft. In this game, there are figures you need to connect via a laser light without lifting your fingers. This game has 150 levels ranging from easy to difficult. This is one of the best in the category.

c. Brain Games 🧠

This game also comes with rating of 4.1⭐, developed by pescAPPs. In this application, you can find 12 games with the difficulty level for three age groups. The games are word search, reach the end puzzle, image collage puzzle, under which glass is the ball, and many more. Do check it out!

d. Kids Quiz GK 💭

This game has a rating of 3.9⭐, developed by Quizes India Games. In this application, you can answer many types of General Knowledge questions with 4 options for each questions in Hindi and English. In this game, there are 15 levels. Each correct answer gives you 50 points with 3 helps which is known as 50:50, which when used 2 wrong options are eliminated and lets you choose from the remaining.

e. Spelling Master 👨‍🎓

This game comes with a rating of 4.2⭐, developed by ACKAD. This game helps you to improve your spellings in which it shows the image of the spelling which you need to type and it pronounces the word for you. It also has a wide range to select from, which type of word you need to spell like alphabets, words, body parts , transport and many more.

Category 2: Classic & Adventure

a. Carrom 3D

This game comes with the rating of 3.9 ⭐, developed by Zagmoid. This game makes you feel that you're playing the game in real. You can have fun anytime, anywhere with just a click. You can enjoy this game offline competing with the computer or with your friends online. You can try all the types of shots on this app just like you use to do on the carrom board.

b. Jungle Castle Run 🏃🏻‍♂️

This game comes with a rating of 3.9 ⭐, developed by Simplified Apps, In this game, there is a guy like Tarzan who runs in the jungle and you have to help him escape from all the dangers kept for him. There are more then 100 levels in this game.

c. Stickman and Gun 3: Zombie Shooter 🧟🔫

This game comes with a rating of 4.3⭐,devloped by 1MB Games. In this game, there is a stick man warrior who carries guns and you need to kill the zombies coming from both sides. As you kill a zombie you get some game money. You can use the money to purchase new guns, refill your bullets, buy medical kit or get skins. You need to go to different levels while killing and as well as moving. Till now in the game there are 8 guns where you can equip 3 guns at a time. Keep filling the health to keep your warrior unbeatable.

d. Ludo winner 🎲🥇

This game comes with a rating of 4.2 ⭐, developed by *Amader Media *. This app is a 5 in 1 games app which has ludo, snake & ladder, bead 16, Tic Tac Toe & puzzle. These games are well known to all of us. Do give this app a try.

e. All Black

This game comes with a rating of 4.5⭐, developed by *Puran Software *. This app has 10 games which are performed by the stick man in the game. The games which this app introduces are: Cricket🏏,Football⚽, Basketball🏀, Badminton🏸, Archery🏹 , Stone Throw, Bomber, Boxer 🥊and Runner🏃

This was it for today guys. Do comment which game you liked the most.

Stay tuned for some more interesting blogs coming up soon.

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