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Lately, I've been having some fun pushing the limits of Typeform's free tier with the goal of doing some market research for Saasify.

Since we're really all about helping developers launch their own remote passive income streams, I'd love it if some of you fine folks took a few minutes to help me with some market research. (10 questions, ~2 minutes)

And because your time is valuable, if you fill out the survey and respond to this thread pointing me to a project of yours, I will personally review your project / website / landing page / idea and give you the best feedback I can offer. Maybe it'll be worthwhile, maybe it won't but I promise that I'll try to help you out with targeted feedback.

Also, if any hackers out there have had success with their own forms of market research, I'd love to hear what's worked for you.

Thanks! ❀

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Travis Fischer


I help developers launch their own SaaS businesses.


Our goal is to make it simple for OSS devs to fund their projects by transforming them into viable FaaS APIs.


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Hey there!

Submitting an offer as an article isn't ideal as folks are generally expecting to read full posts with some actionable info (eg. tutorials, editorials, tool lists).

However, DEV Listings is perfect for this. Consider sharing this as a listing here - dev.to/listings and perhaps you'll have better luck.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Helen -- will keep this in mind next time πŸ™