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Setup Java development environment and create your first program with IntelliJ

Setup JAVA development environment on your machine and start coding in JAVA.
I have worked with Java on and off for the last 6-7 years but I still had a few fundamental questions/concerns like-:

1.) Why do I need JDK to write a Java Program?
2.) Should I install JDK vs JRE?
3.) Is Java 1.8 and Java 8 the same?
4.) Where should I install Java from?

and many more.

In this video, I am discussing answers to all of the above questions plus capturing how to install IntelliJ and setup Java from scratch.


Summary of the video

JDK contains Java compiler, java doc, java debugger, etc. All of them are integral to code and compile a java program.

A couple of years ago JRE and JDK used to come as a separate distribution but now JRE comes with JDK. Although JRE can also be downloaded separately.

Java versioning scheme has changed after Java 8 and there is no more 1.x in the versions anymore. With each new version we get Java x and Jdk x e.g. March 2021, Java 16 got released with Jdk 16. I am covering this topic in detail in the video.

I write and record videos on various platforms about programming. These days I am writing mostly about JAVA.

You can find me at

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