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Laravel/Cypress Google SSO Test

This is a working Google SSO Cypress Test. Your mileage may vary.

describe('Login', () => {
    it('Login through Google', () => {
        const username = Cypress.env('googleSocialLoginUsername')
        const password = Cypress.env('googleSocialLoginPassword')
        const loginUrl = Cypress.env('loginUrl')
        const cookieName = Cypress.env('cookieName')
        const socialLoginOptions = {
            username: username,
            password: password,
            loginUrl: loginUrl,
            headless: true,
            logs: false,
            loginSelector: '[href=""]',
            postLoginSelector: '.bg-scholarpath-500'

        return cy.task('GoogleSocialLogin', socialLoginOptions).then(({cookies}) => {

            const cookie = cookies.filter(cookie => === cookieName).pop()
            if (cookie) {
                cy.setCookie(, cookie.value, {
                    domain: cookie.domain,
                    expiry: cookie.expires,
                    httpOnly: cookie.httpOnly,
                    path: cookie.path,

                    preserve: cookieName

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Note: the following 2 lines are critical:

loginSelector: '[href=""]',
postLoginSelector: '.bg-somestyle-500'
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Make sure this url matches the url for your google auth route.
Also, postLoginSelector is a class on your "Log in with Google" button.

You will also need the following plugin:


Add the following to your plugins/index.js file:

const {GoogleSocialLogin} = require('cypress-social-logins').plugins

module.exports = (on, config) => {
    on('task', {
        GoogleSocialLogin: GoogleSocialLogin

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That's it! Now try to run it:

npx cypress open

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