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My 2020 New Years Resolutions As A Dev


After watching Veritasium's new video about Why Most Resolutions Fail & How To Succeed I decided to make some New Years resolutions for the first time. The reasons are:

  • Making smaller goals is easier to hit consistently. Getting 1% better a day doesn't require that much effort and the effects will compound over time.
  • Once the habit sticks I could make it more ambitious.
  • I'm 42% more likely to achieve them if I write them down.
  • I'm 10 times more likely to stick with a New Years' resolution 6 months later.
  • It's a new decade.

My Resolutions

  1. Learn 5 new technical terms every week.
    • Why? I've always struggled to learn new words and remember them if I don't use them, so I want to make an emphasis on learning and retaining new technical terms.
  2. Answer at least one question every 2 weeks on a Question/Answer site like Stack Overflow or Slack group.
    • Why? Help me become better at answering questions and being able to explain my answers.
  3. Do 1 coding challenge a week.
    • Why? I find that I forget things if I don't practice them. This will help me retain things better.
  4. Exercise/Stretch for 5 minutes every day.
    • Why? I don't exercise much these days but I am concerned for my physical health in the long run so I'm hoping to start a good long term habit.
  5. Write 1 blog post a month.
    • Why? I want to look back in the future and see the progress that I've made as a developer and a blogger.

Your Resolutions

If you made a New Years' resolution to help you grow as a dev in 2020, it would be awesome if you share it in the comment section and maybe motivate someone to make a New Years' resolution of their own.

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Robert Leachman

I'm resolved to put my game on the web, and intend to learn quite a bit doing so. I think it's important to make the distinction :)