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5 Simple UX Rules that make great front-end

You might agree that user experience (UX) is crucial for a website. But, did you know that web developers should also engage in UX design?

This article will explain why web developers should include UX while developing the website and what it means for your end product.

What is a UX Designer?

User experience designers create straightforward, understandable user interfaces that address customer problems in engaging and aesthetically beautiful ways.

Designers need to be aware of users’ needs, attitudes, motivations, expectations, and pain points to produce a great experience.

A UX designer does not always need prior design experience but should be able to think critically about how people interact with products.

Now, let’s focus on how we can deliver an amazing user experience (UX)

Build better Interfaces

Front-end development best practices focus on creating interfaces that pay close attention to every small detail of the provided designs. This includes incorporating the layouts, colors, typography, and spacing with precision and care.

You can read this article to enhance your UI skills.

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Make Easy User Interaction

Another great tip for creating a user-friendly UI is to make sure that user interaction is easy. The ultimate goal of UI design is to make it incredibly easy and efficient for users to accomplish their tasks and find what they’re looking for.

For example, Use simple language that is easy to understand and avoid using industry and system-oriented language.

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Design for Short Attention Span

Attention span is about how long a user concentrates on a given task without being distracted.

A study conducted by Microsoft revealed that the average human attention span has decreased from 15 seconds to 8 seconds.

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The solution is Simplify the interface by removing unnecessary elements or content that is not necessary to accomplish the user task.

Commonly performed actions should be presented as large buttons, conveniently located within easy reach. Another approach to reducing unnecessary steps is to streamline the process and provide clear guidance, especially in places such as navigation, forms, and drop-downs.

Cut out the clutter

A simple and clean UI is super important for apps!

It’s quite common to end up with a lot of elements on a small mobile screen. Sadly, this can create a cluttered experience that overwhelms the user, reduce their retention, and leads to disengagement.

To prevent this, it helps to focus on only one thing on every app screen as much as possible.

One helpful approach is to divide your UI into multiple screens, each focusing on a specific topic or feature. This way, users can give their undivided attention to each screen and fully engage with the content.

Here’s an example from Duolingo.

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If you’ve used Duolingo before, you know they have a pretty extensive onboarding sequence. But you hardly get overwhelmed because they space everything nicely into multiple screens.

Intuitive design

According to Google, intuitive design refers to making products easy to use. When something resembles a button, for instance, we know that clicking on it will cause a certain action to occur. In the same way, if there is a link, we know that clicking it will either open a new web page or lead us to a different website.

For instance, the majority of users are already aware that the hamburger icon, a three-line graphic, denotes a hidden menu.

Users will find it easier to use that in your software than to develop a unique way of displaying a collapsible menu.

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I hope it's clear by now how UX is the heart of any website’s front end. But everything needs practice and patience. With these five steps, you can better plan your transition.

I hope this article has brought some new knowledge your way today. If you found it enjoyable and helpful, please don’t hesitate to give me a couple of reaction! 🦄

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