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7 Free Public APIs you will love as a developer💖

1. JSON Placeholder


JSON Placeholder is a service that provides you with fake online REST APIs for testing and prototyping. This is a go-to API for every developer.

2. Google Translate


Google has a plethora of APIs, but most of them are paid. Thankfully, the Translate API provides free translations for 100+ languages, up to 500k characters per month.

3. Open Weather Map


Need to look into the crystal ball & predict the weather? Open Weather Map is a service that does just that & provides you easy access to their data via their API.

4. REST Countries


REST Countries is a service that provides you with information about countries via a RESTful API. It provides you with data such as country name, capital, population, area, currencies, languages, and more.



IP API is a service that provides you with information about an IP address. It exposes country, region, city, latitude, longitude, timezone, currency, and myriad other data.

People can be seen extensively using this API ( while building anything that requires the user's country code.

6. Random Data API


Random Data API is a service that provides you with random data. It is similar to JSON Placeholder, but provides random data, unlike JSON Placeholder, which delivers static data and has a few more data categories like Banks, Credit Cards & Beers up its sleeve.

7. The Pokemon API


The Pokemon API is a simple API for Pokemon characters, abilities, moves, etc. It has numerous endpoints for various purposes, for example: fetching characters, abilities, etc.

Recently, a GraphQL API has also been introduced, which is an incredible addition.

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jobkroon profile image
Job Kroon

So, my next project will be a Pokémon one! 😁🙏 Thanks!

adriens profile image

Same here !!!!

jobkroon profile image
Job Kroon

Keep me in the loop, if you have any ideas! 😁

Thread Thread
adriens profile image

(data) Story telling... one of my greatest hobbies !
When achieved, I'll let you know for sure <3

Thread Thread
jobkroon profile image
Job Kroon

Awesome! 🙏

reacthunter0324 profile image
React Hunter

Thank you

devarshishimpi profile image
Devarshi Shimpi

Thanks for sharing!!

codeofrelevancy profile image
Code of Relevancy

Thank you for this apis..

haltim profile image

Thanks so much!

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encouver profile image
Marcos Ramírez

Thanks, very useful

moazamdev profile image
Moazam Ali

I'll be using Random Data IP, because it seems cool to me. Btw thanks

codedken profile image
Chibuzor Ojukwu

Nice one

danielzotti profile image
Daniel Zotti

If you love Rick & Morty as much as I do, you should definitely try this one:

adriens profile image
adriens • Edited

Pokemon v2 API has some issues :

Image description

adriens profile image

Alreay have project ideas about Pokemons.... XD

tohodo profile image

One of my favorite APIs to use a developer is an avatar generator. You can find some examples here:

xparagon profile image
Fred Pallesen

As far as I can see Google Translate is NOT free. It is just a very good offer ... but ultimately not free.

ruppysuppy profile image
Tapajyoti Bose

They provide $10 credits each month, whoch translates to 500k free characters/month

ldedev profile image
André ldev

Here is a list of APIs that really worked for a business

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