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7 VS Code Tricks you should Definitely Know 😍

Want to be a VS Code Pro?

Here are 7 VS Code Tricks you should Definitely Know, which will undoubtedly take your productivity to the Moon πŸš€πŸŒ•!


1. Sticky Scroll


Do you often get lost while scrolling through a long file?

Sticky Scroll to the rescue! It shows you the functions/class you are in at the top of the screen, so you never get lost again!

You can enable it by going to Settings and searching for Sticky Scroll.


Or if are a nerd at heart, add the following to your settings.json file:

"editor.stickySrcoll.enabled": true
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2. Command Palette


Need to execute a command fast? Command Palette is there to help!

Just use the shortcut & select the command you need

Windows: Ctrl + Shift + P

Mac: Cmd + Shift + P

3. Custom Snippets


Find yourself rewriting the same code over and over and yet over again? With Custom Snippets you can automate that!

There are dedicated articles on how to write your own snippets.

You can find them here:

4. File Finder


Just like the Command Palette, Go to File is a handy feature to quickly open a file.

Here are the shortcuts:

Windows: Ctrl + P

Mac: Cmd + P

5. Insider Version


Did you know you can try out the latest features of VS Code before they are released?

The Insiders version is updated every day with the latest features, and you can download it from here:

6. Go to Symbol


Go to Symbol is another handy feature to quickly jump to a function/class in a file.

Windows: Ctrl + Shift + O

Mac: Cmd + Shift + O

7. Check out file changes


By default VS Code ships with a timeline feature, which shows you all the changes you have made to a file.

No more scrambling through git logs to find out what was changed!

That's all folks! πŸŽ‰

Thanks for reading

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Anthony Fung

Great list!

I didn't know about sticky scroll, but I've been using the Breadcrumbs option to keep track of where I am.

The Command Palette is great; you can launch it by pressing F1 too.

77pintu profile image

Thanks so much for the great post.