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6 Cool Things Boring Old HTML Can Do 🀯

Ever wondered does HTML always have to be boring? No way! Here are 6 cool things you can do with HTML that you might not have known about!

1. Preload & cache assets πŸ“₯

Wondering how to preload and cache assets? It just requires a single line of code & you are done!

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2. Add Custom Link Previews for the page πŸ–ΌοΈ


Mystified by how link previews are generated? All it needs are the meta tags!

<meta property="og:title" content="Page title" />
  content="Page description"
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The meta tags shown above use Open Graph Protocol, you can use any meta tag generator to generate the tags for all the other platforms (eg: Twitter Cards)

3. Redirect to another link β†ͺ️

Redirecting users to other links (used commonly after payment confirmation) is just a single line of code away!

  content="3; url="
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The above code will redirect the user to Google after 3 seconds.

4. Make a call or mail πŸ“ž

Need a link to make a call or mail? a tag to the rescue!

<a href="tel:+919876543210">Call</a>
<a href="">Mail</a>
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5. Add a Color Picker 🎨


Want to add a color picker to your website? One line is all you need, no fancy libraries or even JavaScript required!

<input type="color" />
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6. Editable Content ✏️

You can make any content editable by just adding the contenteditable attribute to the element.

<p contenteditable="true">
  This is an editable paragraph
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When used with proper styling, it can even be used to create a WYSIWYG editor.

NOTE: Beware of the security issues that might arise when using this attribute, so steer clear of it if you are unaware of the implications.

That's all folks! πŸŽ‰

Thanks for reading

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Top comments (10)

arjunpraveen2008 profile image
Arjun Praveen

The web preview was indeed captivating; thanks!

jfbrennan profile image
Jordan Brennan

Love it! There’s so much HTML can do that gets overlooked

varshithvhegde profile image
Varshith V Hegde

Adding custom link was new to me

climentea profile image
Alin Climente

The contenteditable attribute is awesome πŸ‘

cubiclesocial profile image

Every web browser engine implements contenteditable differently and even the same browser on different OSes can produce wildly different results. It's largely considered broken by anyone who has ever worked on developing a WYSIWYG editor. A LOT of time is sunk into dealing with the quirks/oddities/inconsistencies of contenteditable.

A much cleaner solution would be to implement everything, and I mean everything, directly in an emulation layer. That includes simulating the blinking cursor and handling all keyboard input. I briefly started down this path myself many years ago in a project that stopped once I realized how difficult emulation would be.

ravavyr profile image

They're all neat, but do not use input type color. It's rendered differently by every browser, does not let you add opacity to RGB values, and it's not accessible.

vickey74238426 profile image

nice information bro,loved it .

hamzaelkotp profile image
Hamza Elkotb

it's the first time i hear about custom link, good job Tapajyoti

srsheldon profile image
Samuel R. Sheldon

Number 2 is really cool!

I’ve used number 3 inside of the tag to redirect to an HTML page with no JavaScript asking for the user to enable it to be able to use the site.

Great list πŸ‘

mrsingh111 profile image

great post

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