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5 Effective UX to Grab Users' Attention

As the saying goes:

Where attention goes, money follows

It is of utmost importance to effectively grab the user's attention so that they have an incredible experience using your application, and you too can generate the revenue you deserve.

Today we are going to look at five methods to effectively grab a user's attention which will lead to higher engagement with your audience.

Scroll Effects

Scroll Effect

Adding Scroll Effects to your project is quite simple, yet it can yield huge dividends. Smooth scroll animation can hook users easily. The animation shown in the image above can be created by following along this article

Another wonderful scroll animation can be achieved using Parallax Effect as can be seen below:

Parallax Scroll

Say Goodbye to Long Texts

With the advent of technology, there has been a steady decline in our attention spans. We live in a time of instant gratification, so reading long text is downright boooooooring.

Long Lines

When using a product, users aren't immersed in the UI itself but the experience of using the UI. Consequently, users don't read UI text ā€” they just scan it. Help them scan the text faster by writing it in short, scannable blocks. Chunk text into shorter sentences and paragraphs. Keep the most important text upfront and then ruthlessly edit what comes after it.

Hover Effects

Hover Effect

Hover is possibly the simplest to implement the effect. You can create cool hover effects just by using CSS or some advanced effects with a little help from JavaScript.

Parallax Hover

You can also opt to use Parallax Animation combined with Hover Effect too, to create some really cool effects that users find enticing

Effective use of white space

White Space is one of the most important aspects of a website. Its major use lies in improving readability, but since we are focusing on grabbing the user's attention, let's not get deviated from our objective.

White space is can create a Visual Hierarchy, thus telling users where to look at. Let's take the example of Google


Since the search bar & the logo at the center is surrounded by white space, our eyes are by default are drawn to where the developers want our eyes to be, i.e., the center

Smooth Loading

Perception of the speed of the website is based on load time and smoothness of animations. What matters the most to users is that your website feels fast (even if it is just their perception).

As mentioned previously about dwindling attention spans, delays longer than a couple of seconds will often make users leave the website, so make sure that your website loads fast.

You can buy yourself a few more seconds by using smooth and captivating loading animations like these:

Loading Animation

If you need some ideas for loading animations, check out this article for some inspiration

Wrapping Up

In this article, we went through five ways to grab a user's attention. Use them in your applications and watch your users coming back again and again


Happy Developing!

Thanks for reading

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Some things to consider:

  1. You should disable animations if user has set reduced motion (which you can detect with CSS or JS).
  2. If any animation compromises loading times or performance in your Webapp, you should avoid them.
  3. Loading spinners are fine for some components and only if will "reward" the user with something that is worth the wait. We should avoid spinners for the app itself at the top level.


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Tapajyoti Bose Author

Nice insights