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What is Filamentphp?


Basically, FilamentPHP requires laravel, make sure you understand Laravel before following this tutorial.

FilamentPHP is an admin panel that can accelerate our process in developing web applications. By using FilamentPHP, we can easily create, read, update, and delete features with a user-friendly interface.


There a lot Features in Filamentphp v3, like :

Panel builder

With the Panel builder feature, we can create more than one admin panel.

Form builder

With the form builder we can create forms without touching the Laravel blade and easly to use many fields.

Table builder

Build your beautiful table with Custom Filter, Single Action and Bulk Action.


The Panel Builder uses the Notifications package to send messages to users.


In Filament, actions also handle "doing" something in your app. However, they are a bit different from traditional actions. They are designed to be used in the context of a user interface.

Infolist builder

Filament's infolist package allows you to render a read-only list of data about a particular entity. It's also used within other Filament packages, such as the Panel Builder for displaying app resources and relation managers, as well as for action modals. Learning the features of the Infolist Builder will be incredibly time-saving when both building your own custom Livewire applications and using Filament's other packages.


This guide is for using the Widgets package in a custom TALL Stack application (Tailwind, Alpine, Livewire, Laravel).

Don't be confused, because we will discuss it further in the next article 😁.

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