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Why HTML is worth learning?

I just finished reading the article "Why HTML is worth learning?" and would like to say a few words about it. To begin, I want the author to be commended for doing extensive research and uncovering all sides to a topic. It is easy to follow because of the flow. The content is easy to understand and doesn't use complicated technical terms. I was trying to find an answer to the question, "Is HTML worthwhile learning?" This article caught my attention as I searched the Internet. It caught my attention immediately, so I continued to read it.

The author gave examples and explained why HTML is still widely popular on the market. I was adamant that only software engineers need to know this markup language. However, it's also useful in other niches. I was unaware that HTML is one of the most important markup languages for designers, marketing professionals, and others who are not coders. It is 100% worth learning HTML after reading this article. This post should be shared with anyone looking for new skills and those just starting in web development. I saved many years because of the time I spent reading this post.

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