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Discussion on: Tips for a successful switch to a standing desk

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rrackiewicz • Edited on

I have an Uplift mechanical sit/stand desk with a memory setting keypad so I can easily switch between sitting and standing. Instead of the Uplift tops, I opted for a 1-1/2" x 6' x 8' butcher block top from Lumber Liquidators and did all the edging and finishing myself. The nice think about the large desk is that I can pair program with ease (with a lot of space left over). The desk is a tank! As far as drawers, I don't find a lack of them being prohibitive. I have a rolling filling cabinet (the top drawing is storage) that sits under the desk and since my tabletop is so large, I use various bins and containers (thank you Container Store) that fill up the unused part of my tabletop to hold all my stuff. I have the Topo by Ergodriven mat. I find it comfortable for my feet even when I'm sitting. It's fun for my feet!

On the other end of the equation, sometimes I prefer to sit. I have three chairs depending on my mood and task. If I'm doing more thinking and I need to kick back a lot or I want to sit with my legs up, I have the Ikea Markus swivel chair. For nose down work I have an Aeron chair (worth every dime if you can afford the adjustments you need...e.g. fully-adjustable arms are a must). If I need to relax and contemplate a problem or stare at my markerboard wall, I have a comfortable accent chair in the corner of my office that supports my head. Quite the contrast in price, but each highly effective in their own way. I find that my sit/stand ratio is about 50:50 depending on the type of work I do.