re: He's also floofaloof, which I use at night to convince him to come to bed from the living room (the apartment is only like 2 rooms anyway). They'r...

I’m sorry to hear about fluff’s health issues. But glad he’s ok! And yeah, we definitely don’t play “I play drums on my tummy” with momo either. Maybe.

If you named Momo after Avatar The Last Airbender (I see how that patterning could work!), you might appreciate that Fluff's "official" name he rarely answers to is Iroh and Foo Foo Cuddlypoops is totally an important character as well.

We were at the hospital 3 times last year, and only once did someone pronounce Iroh right as they knew the show.

We were this close to naming Willy Appa because he’s the big galoomba to little momo. But Willy fits him better.

I can see it <3

Fluff used to be poised and refined like a general (still is if he isn't zoomy) and had fluff behind his ears that made him look like a little old man.

Somehow Fluff lost the fluff and chubchub gained it as they aged, so Fluff don't look like the sage old man he once was.

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