AoC Day 8: Memory Maneuver (Placeholder)

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Advent of Code (26 Part Series)

1) AoC Day 1: Chronal Calibration 2) AoC Day 2: Inventory Management System 3 ... 24 3) AoC Day 3: No Matter How You Slice It 4) AoC Day 4: Repose Record 5) AoC Day 5: Alchemical Reduction 6) AoC Day 6: Chronal Coordinates 7) AoC Day 7: The Sum of Its Parts 8) AoC Day 8: Memory Maneuver (Placeholder) 9) AoC Day 9: Marble Mania 10) AoC Day 10: The Stars Align 11) AoC Day 11: Chronal Charge 12) AoC Day 12: Subterranean Sustainability 13) AoC Day 13: Mine Cart Madness 14) AoC Day 14: Chocolate Charts 15) AoC Day 15: Beverage Bandits 16) AoC Day 16: Chronal Classification 17) AoC Day 17: Reservoir Research 18) AoC Day 18: Settlers of The North Pole 19) AoC Day 19: Go With the Flow 20) AoC Day 20: A Regular Map 21) AoC Day 21: Chronal Conversion 22) AoC Day 22: Mode Maze 23) AoC Day 23: Experimental Emergency Teleportation 24) AoC Day 24: Immune System Simulator 20XX 25) AoC Day 25: Four-Dimensional Adventure 26) Advent of Code Wrap-Up

Hi! This article is just a placeholder so that the dots that appear in this Advent of Code series of articles line up. The real discussion for this week was graciously posted by @choroba here, allowing me to play video games and go to sleep last night πŸ˜€

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I was so excited to have a solution and there was no place to post it to! I hope I haven't caused any harm by creating the post.


Nope, you’re good! I’ll try to get them up the night of as much as possible 😁

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