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Redux Toolkit Better Than Realm Database

When it comes to state management in React Native applications, you have a lot of options available. Two popular choices are Redux Toolkit and Realm Database. But let's be honest, if you want a state management tool that doesn't drive you crazy, Redux Toolkit is the clear winner and I am speaking from the experience of someone who had to join in on an existing project and had to see the Armageddon going on in the codebase because someone thought "Yeah, let's do Realm".
He could have made so many other bad decisions like maybe using Flipper😬, etc. but he chose Realm!!!

Well, i am here to tell you Redux Toolkit is better and here are ten reasons why:

  1. Predictable state management
    Do you want to avoid pulling your hair out over unexpected bugs and behavior? With Redux Toolkit, you can rest easy knowing that state changes are handled in a predictable way.

  2. Centralized store
    Who needs the headache of tracking down state changes scattered throughout your codebase? With Redux Toolkit's centralized store, you can easily track and debug issues.

  3. Time-travel debugging
    Why settle for regular debugging when you can go back in time and replay past actions? With Redux Toolkit, you can travel back in time to diagnose even the most complex bugs.

  4. Code simplicity
    Who has time to write convoluted code? With Redux Toolkit, you can simplify your code and focus on building your app.

  5. Easy integration with React
    Why waste time figuring out how to integrate your state management tool with React when you can use Redux Toolkit's built-in integration?

  6. Rich ecosystem
    Why reinvent the wheel? With Redux Toolkit's vast ecosystem of libraries and plugins, you can easily extend its functionality and build better apps.

  7. Performance
    Why settle for slow state management when Redux Toolkit is designed with performance in mind? It can handle even the largest and most complex state with ease.

  8. Developer experience
    Who needs documentation that makes you want to pull your hair out? With Redux Toolkit, you can enjoy clear and intuitive documentation that won't make you want to scream.

  9. Compatibility
    Why deal with compatibility issues? Redux Toolkit is compatible with a wide range of React Native libraries and frameworks, making it easy to integrate with your existing codebase.

  10. Community support
    Why go it alone? With Redux Toolkit's large and active community, you can easily find support and resources when you need them.

In summary, if you want a state management tool that won't make you want to pull your hair out, Redux Toolkit is the clear winner. With predictable state management, a centralized store, time-travel debugging, code simplicity, easy integration with React, a rich ecosystem, great performance, clear documentation, compatibility with other libraries, and a strong community, what's not to love? So, don't waste your time with Realm Database and embrace the superior state management offered by Redux Toolkit.

Well don't come at me, it's just a thought.🤷🏽‍♂️

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