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Oluwaseyi Komolafe
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Highlight Text in React Native [but with a twist]

Now i came across this issue and i thought it something i should share after getting past it.

A little back story

So, i am working on a chat platform using react native and i have to integrate the search in chat logic but the twist to it is that the text i am searching through is in an HTML form which makes it require a different approach.

So now you get the point, let's go straight to the code.

  const {width} = useWindowDimensions();
  const escapeRegExp = (text: string) => {
    return text.replace(/[.*+?^${}()|[\]\\]/g, '\\$&'); // $& means the whole matched string
  const replaceAll = (str: string, match: string, replacement: any) => {
    if (str === undefined || str === null) {
      return '';
    return str.replace(new RegExp(escapeRegExp(match), 'g'), () => replacement);
  let txt = replaceAll(textProps?.text, '\n\n', '<br><br>');
  txt = replaceAll(textProps?.text, '\n', '<br>');

  const highlightedText = txt
      new RegExp(textProps?.searchedWord, 'gi'),
      `<span style="background-color: #FF842D;">${textProps?.searchedWord}</span>`,

  return (
          source={{html: `<div style="color:white;">${highlightedText}</div>`}}

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So the escapeRegExp function is replacing all of the characters in text except for letters, numbers, and symbols.

The replaceAll function: The first line checks if str is undefined or null.
If it's not then it continues on to the next line where it performs a search and replace operation on str using escapeRegExp() and new RegExp().

Then we have the highlightedText constant which searches through to get the searched word and replace with a new span with a background color. Which is further put in the HTML tag from the react-native-render-html package. And there you have it. Leave a like if you think this is helpful. Thanks.

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