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Microsoft Copilot use cases and how it can improve your work

We all seek the highest quality in our work, right? But in this frenetic reality, the search for productivity is also the North of many developers and global companies. More and more we are immersed in multiple tasks at the same time, which can sometimes cause us to lose focus, and AI tools can be great allies in helping us finish what we have pending.

That's where Microsoft Copilot comes in, one of the AI tools that has resonated the most in recent months due to the way it enhances the work of teams and increases the productivity of companies.

Let's start by briefly defining what Microsoft Copilot is

“It is an AI-powered productivity tool that coordinates large language models (LLM), content in Microsoft Graph, and the Microsoft 365 apps you use every day, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and others. . This integration provides intelligent assistance in real time, allowing users to improve their creativity, productivity and capabilities,” explains Microsoft in the documentation on Copilot.

In short, Microsoft Copilot allows us to take advantage of our capabilities to be more productive and creative, optimizing the time and resources we have at hand.

Microsoft Copilot

The scope of Microsoft Copilot

Through Microsoft Copilot, you can perform tasks such as:

  • Generate text in Word
  • Create content, summarize text and ask Copilot questions to complement your information
  • Create PowerPoint presentations leveraging business templates
  • Create content and improve it through collaboration with Copilot
  • Summarize an email thread to help the user understand it better
  • Extract data from emails using Outlook
  • Summarize Teams chat content
  • Call transcription
  • Generate ideas and create lists from notes

Statistics on the incorporation of AI in today's companies

It should be noted that companies today are aware that AI is not an optional technology: it is a real necessity so that they can enhance their processes, automate and streamline them, in order to gain competitive advantage in the market of their industry.

“92% of business and IT leaders agree that their organizations need to shift to an AI-first operating model in the next 12 months to remain competitive,” found recent Avanade research, cited in an article from Forbes.

A Statista report shows the growth that investment in AI has had in recent years. For example, in 2016 investment reached less than a billion dollars globally. In 2020, the investment already stood at 3.1 billion dollars. And in 2023 the investment closed at 10.8 billion dollars. And the trend continues to rise today.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Pilot Use Cases in Business

- Finance
“Copilot can automatically extract relevant data from various sources, such as invoices, receipts, contracts, reports, and emails, and convert them into structured formats that can be easily analyzed in Excel or Power,” Microsoft explained in its Copilot documentation.

Additionally, Microsoft Copilot helps:

  • Create and edit documents such as financial statements, budgets, forecasts and presentations.
  • Summarize long and complex documents, such as contracts, policies and regulations and highlight key points.

By using Copilot in the financial industry, teams can reduce errors while saving time. Likewise, they can increase their productivity and offer better results in the processes.

- Human Resources
We know that the Human Resources area is one of those that constantly handles greater volumes of information, and it has become common for teams to always be overwhelmed with work.

But Microsoft Copilot can significantly improve the HR department's workflow. For example, through this tool, employees can automate resume selection, making it easier to identify the best candidates.

It can also be of great support when creating job descriptions, ensuring clarity and alignment with the needs of your business.

In addition:

  • Streamlines document management during employee hiring.
  • Automate the analysis of employee feedback.
  • Recommends actions/programs to improve employee productivity.
  • Keeps company data up to date, improving decision making.

- Meeting summary
Office flows can sometimes become so complicated that several video calls can clash, leaving the employee in a dilemma as to which one they should attend. With Microsoft Copilot this does not have to be a complication, since thanks to this tool you can record the meeting and create a summary of it.

“Users can then also ask Copilot questions about the meeting, including summaries and action items specific to the user in question,” they explained in an article on the UC Today portal.

Microsoft Copilot

- Custom responses in Outlook
One of the criticisms that AI tools have received is that sometimes the message does not sound “natural”, but can seem a bit robotic or standard.

But precisely at Microsoft Copilot they worked on a functionality for Outlook, which is used to write emails with AI, but guaranteeing that the writing style resembles the style of the user who initially wrote an email.

“Copilot can personalize any email to match your unique style and tone of voice,” said Colette Staullbaumer, general manager of Microsoft 365 and Future of Work. "He even gets the subtle details right, like how to log out of your emails," she added in the UC Today post.

Microsoft Copilot is presented as a revolutionary tool that can significantly improve your work. Copilot's use cases are varied and its potential to transform the way we program is immense. However, as with any tool, its ultimate effectiveness will depend on how it is used and integrated into our existing workflows. Therefore, it is essential to fully explore and understand its capabilities to take full advantage of what Copilot has to offer.

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