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Zomato Web Scraper

I made a python script using Django and Beautiful Soup. It takes the link of your Zomato account with address and returns the best restaurants cost and efficiency wise without any hassle!

I made my own algorithm to calculate the efficiency of each restaurant and then displayed the top 20 restaurants with best scores. I planned on using cookies data so you don't have to be logged in every time and life gets easier. :P

Web Scraping is one of a kind, and scraping a website like Zomato was not easy as it does not allow you to simply issue a pull request into it's page via 'requests' and 'beautifulsoup'. You have to change the headers configuration and then it lets you get into it. Scraping data is always a pain but it is all worth it when you get the best food with low price!! :D

The project can be found on:
The source code:

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